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Weekend Warrior Workouts!

For Saturday & Sunday

Lets take advantage of the sun while we have it ... Here are a few workouts to choose from this weekend... have fun let us know how you did

1. EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) Rotate stations 3-5 Rounds

Min 1- Shuttle Run

Min 2- Walking Lunges

Min 3- Push Ups

Min 4- Jumping Jack or Jump Rope

Min 5- Rest

2. Buy In- 800m run/walk (or 4:00-5:00)

50 Squats

40 Flutter Kicks

30 Step Ups on a step, curb, or box if you have one

20 Plank Up downs (see video)

10 Burpees

*repeat if you wish

3. Hill Sprints (or walks)

Find a Hill in your neighborhood.

3 Sets:

Run/ walk to the top of the hill 3 times in a row

Then rest for 3:00

(so you will end up going up the hill 9 times all together)

4. Go for a Hike, it doesn't have to be a popular trial (keep practicing that social distancing) but anywhere out in nature


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