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CrossFit Untamed Foundations

After you experience a FREE class, before diving completely into our group classes as a new member we offer 3 small group/private sessions which we like to call "CrossFit 101: Basics" to better prepare yourself for all of the terminology, movements, and skills that are associated with our CrossFit class setting.

This program is set up to teach each athlete the fundamental barbell-driven movements and a few of our body weight movements. Athletes will be taught the exercises with a lightweight bar broken down into simple progressions over the 3 sessions along with the same type of simple progressions for body weight movements along with their scales.

After you complete foundations, you will receive 50% off your first month as a Wild One!

CrossFit 101 Course

  • three 60-minute small group/private sessions

  • covers the basic movements

  • covers the basic terminology

  • CrossFit workout at the end of each session

 $120 total ($40 per session) 


Next Steps?
You can sign up HERE for our CrossFit 101: Basics course.


If you aren't sure you want to commit right away and you haven't been at Untamed yet you can sign up below for a FREE group class! 


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