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Memorial Day weekend Schedule

No Noon Class Friday 5/24 (Regular afternoon classes still on)

No Saturday Open Gym

Saturday WOD & Sunday Open Gym Still on

CLOSED Memorial Day (unless otherwise posted)

Body Armor 3 Giant Sets: 20 Front Rack KB Box Step-Ups 15 Ring Rows 10 Strict Ring Dips Rest 2:00 between efforts.

Conditioning Teams of 2 For Time: 100 Double-Unders, 50/30 Assault Bike 200m Farmers Carry (50's/35's) 100 Double-Unders, 40/20 Assault Bike 150m Farmers Carry (70's/50's) 100 Double-Unders, 20/10 Assault Bike 100m Farmers Carry (75s/55s)

*Farmer carry is 2 dumbbells, athletes can switch at any point on the carry


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