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Tuesday 5/14

This Friday please join us as we celebrate 10 Years of Fitness! We will be doing our annual Memorial Day Murph workout. This will be the workout of the day for Friday We will have regular classes at 6am, 9am & noon, then in the evening we will run heats of the workout ... heat times will be 3:00, 4:15, & 5:30. You are welcome to workout, hang out, cheer on your fellow Wild Ones or just say hello!

Power Clean 6 Sets of 2: 3-Pause Power Clean

Each pause lasts 2 seconds: Pause #1 - Knee Level Pause #2 - Mid Thigh Pause #3 - Receiving Position (catch)

Set #1 - 60% Set #2 - 65% Sets #3+4+5+6 - Build to a heavy.

Conditioning Part 1 3 Rounds: 15 Power Cleans (115/85) 20 Pushups Part 2 Into 2 Rounds: 27/21 Cal Row 75 Double Unders

RX+ Part 3 Into 1 Round: 50/35 Assault Bike

These three parts are all for time. Moving directly from the completion of the first part into the second


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