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Thursday 5/9

Body Armor 3 Giant Sets: Max Dumbbell Bench Press (70's/50's) 12 Chest Supported Rows Dumbbell Rows 12 Lateral Box Step-Ups (6/side) Rest 2:00 between.

Midline Alternating Tabata (:20s/:10s) x 8 (per movement) AbMat Sit-Ups Hollow Rocks

Skill Work/ Mobility Remaining class time will be used for skill work or mobility needed

Shout out to 2 of our 6am staples! Kristen & Amanda Amanda came to us after moving here from Olympia looking for a new CF gym to call home...3 years later she's still going strong A year later Kristen decided to join boot camp and now she is doing CrossFit 4 days a week! Keep it up ladies!


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