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Thursday 4/25

Conditioning Teams of 2 3 Rounds for Time: 40/30 Calorie Row/ Plank Hold 40/30 Calorie bike/Dead hang Hold (pull-up bar) 40/30 Calorie Row / Bottom of a squat hold

*One partner is on the rower or bike while the other is holding. Once one stops they both must stop, switch as often as you wish

Body Armor 3 Giant Sets: 9 Dumbbell Bench Presses 15 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows (15 each side) 21 Dumbbell Floor Presses 27 Low Banded Rows Rest 2:00 between efforts.

Rest as needed after the third set, followed by…

1 Set: 100 Banded Tricep Push Downs

Shout out to Cheryl She started Boot Camp with us 2 years ago. No matter what she stays positive and always has a great attitude Keep smiling Cheryl!


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