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Rowing Fundraiser Clinic

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Learn all the things you DON'T KNOW about rowing.

Conor coached for the University of Washington Rowing team from 2009-2016. He coached 5 years on the Women's team and won three Pac-12 Championships. Before that he coached 2 years on the Men's team and won a National Championship with the men's four.

Conor has coached walk-on rowers with no experience and international elite juniors rowers from all over the world. He is a Crossfit Level 1 certification and is currently the Head Junior Rowing Coach for the Vancouver Lake Rowing Club.

Conor loves to teach and loves to help athletes improve their performance.

He will be going through the following things we don't get much time to talk or learn about in class:

  • Learn about the ergometer itself and learn how it works and what the numbers mean.

  • Learn about parts of the stroke and talk about the physiology of producing power on the machine.

  • Learn about pacing and tips to produce your best scores on the machine for different distances.

  • At the end you can ask all the questions you want before we test what we learned in a relay style workout.

The fundraiser is for Vancouver Lake Rowing Club. The club is a non-profit club that started in 2002. We have 45 junior rowers (age 12-18) and are hoping to expand to 100 rowers by the fall of this year.


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