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Monday 1/25

Skill Work: Snatch Pull + Snatch

Complete 5 Sets of the following:

2 Snatch Pulls + 2 Snatches

*Rest 60-90 Sec between sets

*Work up to a comfortable, moderate weight.

*Focus will be on smooth pulls from the floor, chest up, and no arm bends with the pull.

*All reps to be completed as Singles (no touch-n-go reps).

* Squat Snatches


“Mr. Blue Sky”

15:00 AMRAP - Team of 2

6 Strict Pull Ups (3 reps per partner) Rx+ 2 Rope Climbs (1 rep per partner)

6 Synchro Push Ups Rx+ 10 Synchro Push Ups

*Goal is to keep a steady pace throughout entire workout.

* Both athletes complete all push ups together. Finish at the top of the push up at the same time – full arm extension.


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