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Fri 6/4/21


  • "Fitness With Friends" Partner WOD Event - Saturday at 10am

  • Check email for class time survey

  • CrossFit Kids back in July! 5-10 years old!

"Mount Rushmore"

For Time:

30/24 Calorie Assault Bike



Wall Balls (30/20)

Toes to Bar


30/24 Calorie Assault Bike


E2MOM10 | 5 sets

Back Squat

1st set: 5 reps

2nd set: 4 reps

3rd set: 3 reps

4th set: 2 reps

5th set: 1 rep

*This is not a 1RM attempt but a heavy single for the day. You should confidently be able to hit all reps in this EMOM.


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