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Fitness With Friends June Workout

"Fitness With Friends" will be held every 1st Saturday in place of our normal 9am coached class. Come on in and bring a friend! This workout will happen next Saturday, June 5th at 10am! Beginner Version:

25 minute AMRAP | Team of 2

200m medball run

40 DB lunges

20 burpees over DB

20 DB hang power clean & press

*non working partner holds medicine ball*

Scaled Version:

25 minute AMRAP | Team of 2

200m run / row / 8-12 cal bike

40 single DB or bodyweight lunges

20 burpees with no jump

20 single DB hang powe clean & press

*non working partner rests*

Advanced Version:

25 minute AMRAP | Team of 2

200m plate run (45/35)

40 front rack lunges (115/75)

20 burpee box leap overs (24/20)

20 power clean & jerks (115/75)

*non working partner holds plate*


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