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Weekend Warrior Workouts

Workout 1 1 Mile Run






1 Mile Run Workout 2 3 Rounds, Not for Time:

60 Second Plank Hold

40 Flutter Kicks

20 Glute Bridges

10 Crunches

*Optional distance run to follow .. You choose the distance Workout 3 AMRAP in 20:00

20 Step Ups 20 Lunges 20 Push Ups 20 Mt Climbers :20 Second Side plank (each side)

Workout 4 Tabata - 8 rounds of each movement :20 seconds on :10 seconds off 1- Plank Holds 2- Bottom to bottom Squats (do air squats for the :20, and rest in the bottom of the squat) 3- Burpees 4- Shuttle runs

Shout out to Chris Lewis! He has been with us for over 7 years. He started off strictly as a 6amer but has made an effort to attend multiple class times over the last couple years He has a great attitude and has battled a couple injuries but keeps on coming no matter what! he's dedicated to his fitness and always finds a way to fit it into his busy schedule. Thanks for being such a great part of our community Chris!


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