CrossFit Untamed Pricing
*all pricing shown include tax*

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New to CrossFit?
Please read about our foundation classes & sign up for a FREE 1-on-1 Intro Session HERE.

Untamed Membership

  • Unlimited Classes

  • $15 Off Family Member

  • Sat & Sun FREE

  • FREE T-Shirt


Boot Camp Unlimited

  • $15 Off Family Member

  • Unlimited Boot Camp classes

  • FREE T-shirt


Green Membership

  • 3 Weekday Classes per week

  • $15 Off Family Member

  • Sat & Sun FREE

  • FREE T-shirt


Wild Ten Membership

  • 10-Class Punch Card

  • Available for both CrossFit & Boot Camp classes

  • Expires after one year

$180 1-time purchase

($18 per class)

Boot Camp

  • 3x/weekday Boot Camp classes

  • $15 Off Family Member

  • Sat & Sun FREE

  • FREE T-shirt


Drop Ins

  • 1-Class Drop In: $25 (or shop purchase of $25+)

  • Weekly Pass: $45 

Traveling? Come on in!

$10 off for Monthly Memberships for military, fire, police, first responders, health care, and students.*

We offer a FREE trial class or a FREE one-on-one session that allows you to dip your toe into the world of CrossFit before diving right in. Also allows you to ask ALL the questions and we can address any concerns you have about trying out this style of fitness.

If you are ready to sign up for a FREE class, click the link below. If you are NEW to CrossFit it would be best to sign up for a FREE 1-on-1 session instead.

If you want to schedule a FREE 1-on-1 session instead, please contact us below.

Beginner CrossFitter?


Possibly nervous to jump into group classes?
That is okay!
We offer a foundational course to help you better prepare you for our group class setting. Plus! If you end up signing up with us, your first months' bill will be discounted!

Click below for more information.