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"Fitness With Friends" Day

Fitness. Friends. FREE Coffee & Donuts!

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We are hosting a beginner-friendly & advanced partner workout that anyone can come to join in on! When we say "beginner-friendly" that doesn't mean easy, so come ready to work hard and have fun! You can either bring a partner with you or we will give you a  partner to work out with. Either way, you will still get in a great workout with no regrets afterward.

We will announce the workout a week before on our Facebook event page, our website blog & social media platforms! 

Workout for Oct:

31 Min. AMRAP:
31 Cal Jigsaw Ride
10 Alt. DB Devils Press (65/45)(50/35)
31 Pumpkin Tosses (20/14)(14/10)
100m Pumpkin Run (each)

*Every 6 minutes - 6 Burpees for EVERYONE!
*If the Pumpkin gets dropped during the WOD - 6 Burpee Penalty! 
*WATCH OUT! Other teams could hit your pumpkin out of your hand!
*One partner works at a time, athletes may switch whenever they want.

To make it more like a party we will be offering FREE donuts and coffee!

Sign up for FREE below, click on a Saturday where it says "Fitness And Friends" and you will be directed to fill out some forms online which will bypass you having to deal with any paperwork when you show up for the class. This will also allow you to join in on the party early!

We also have this event on Facebook if you would like to RSVP that way and share it with friends and family!

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