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Wednesday 7/17


Deadlift 20-Rep Heavy

A 20-rep for the day as a gauge on where we are with our higher repetition capacity. This will be a benchmark we will re-test at the end of the cycle. This is planned here, in week 3, after a handful of sessions allowing to gain some awareness of where this number could be.

Warming (one set at each percentage, using estimated 1RM): 7 Reps @ 40% 5 Reps @ 50% 3 Reps @ 55% 3 Reps @ Target Weight (~55-65%)

Conditioning For Time: 200m Run, 21 Wallballs, 20/14# 21 Box Jumps 24"/20" 200m Run, 15 Wallballs, 15 Box Jumps 200m Run, 9 Wallballs, 9 Box Jumps

Rx+ 27-27-15-9

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