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Monday 7/1

Today we are starting a new training cycle!

This cycle will focus on building our stamina. Not in in strength movements but in conditioning as well. Stamina in strength movements will carry over into our stamina in conditioning.

This is a 10 week cycle.

As always we want to focus on quality of movement as well... with more volume in some cases reducing weight might be a smarter training option vs. "just powering through"... even if its a weight you do often in workouts . This is going to be a great training cycle, which we are looking forward to seeing everyones progress! Stamina Squats Alternating "On the Minute" x 12 (6 Rounds) Odd Minutes - 3 Front Squats Even Minutes - 6 Back Squats

Barbell - 60% of 3-Rep Back Squat This is 60% of our recently tested 3-Rep Back Squat at the end of our last training cycle. This load is used oin *both* lifts, for all sets. We will be increasing this percentage steadily over the weeks to come. Time remaining in the minute after squats is rest. Post completed load today for tracking purposes.

Conditioning "Fish out of Water" For Time: 2K Row Directly into 10 Rounds of "the chief" 3 Power Cleans 6 Pushups 9 Air Squats

Barbell Pounds - 155/105

Last year Mary did this workout in just over 21 minutes... using a 55# barbell Today she did it with 65# and completed it in 16:02! Consistency, dedication, and a willingness to always do better has certainly paid off! Nice work!


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