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I began my fitness coaching journey in 2003 when I became a Turbo Kick Certified instructor at my local fitness gym. Soon after, I acquired a Baby Boot Camp franchise and began focusing my fitness coaching on moms with young children.


During the 5+ years I led boot camps, I completed regular continuing education for boot camp and mom-focused fitness. During this time I got my Fit Tour Fitness Instructor Certification; I studied strategies which supported motherhood such as “The Tupler Technique,” and completed a 2-day course for certification on how to check for (and coach repair of) diastasis recti. (That's what they call it when the rectus abdominis muscles in your abdomen separate during

pregnancy, or through improper exercise and activity, leaving a gap that allows your belly to pooch out). 

I joined CrossFit in January of 2010 and quickly fell in love. After learning everything I could about the CrossFit culture and testing for my CrossFit L1 teaching certification, I began coaching CrossFit classes on a regular basis… and the rest – as my husband says – is extremely fit history!

What do I love most about CrossFit? Everything! If I had to sum it up in just a few words, it would be the group camaraderie, health benefits, the fun, and personal growth! I am a passionate coach, and I sincerely enjoy helping bring out the best in people who attend our CrossFit classes. I love the fact that CrossFit workouts can be tailored to nearly everyone, no matter what stage in life they’re at. Not only have I witnessed this first hand in coaching people of all ages (from age 8 to 80) and from all walks of life, but CrossFit helped me personally achieve three natural home child births, by helping me stay fit and energized all the way through my pregnancy. In fact, in each of the three pregnancies I have had during my time with CrossFit, I was able to maintain a regular workout regimen with CrossFit daily workouts, right up until the week I gave birth!


I am so proud to coach CrossFit, to be able to involve my growing children in CrossFit Kids classes, and to be a part of such a wonderful fitness club where I am able to help other members grow and experience the best that fitness has to offer.

Former Baby Boot Camp Owner

Turbo Kick


Tuppler Technique Certified

CrossFit L2