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I grew up as a competitive gymnast, followed it up with 7 years in the Navy as a Search and Rescue Swimmer, and went on to become a personal trainer in 2013. I have always been in the gym and have always enjoyed helping others find their path in fitness, but never really seemed to find my niche. 


In 2018, after years of kicking and screaming, my husband finally got me into a CrossFit box and I've never looked back! The combination of gymnastics, weights, and competitiveness filled a void I didn't realize I was searching to fill until I found it that day. I signed up the day I took my first class, I took my Level 1 one month after joining and have been coaching since!  I followed that up with my CrossFit Gymnastics cert 2 months later and have lived my passion in coaching gymnastics and CrossFit together since. 

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Aerobic Capacity Certified

CrossFit Gymnastics Certified

Military Background

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